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Internet artist Rafaël Rozendaal presents a new exhibition about the screensaver. Rozendaal questions the anonymity and ephemerality of the screensaver and is fascinated by its subversive, playful and diffuse character. He creates an immersive space for the visitor that captures the extraordinary visual language of this virtually lost medium.

Rozendaal primarily uses examples from the early days, when moving digital images did not yet contain the realism of the later screensavers. It is exactly the unpolished abstraction of this first batch that interests him: at that time it was the screensaver’s practical role that mattered. The installation includes more recent and advanced editions developed by Microsoft and Apple.


On the 26th of January Het Nieuwe Instituut will open the new exhibition programme in the Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture, including the exhibitions  Designing the SurfaceSleep Mode. The Art of the Screensaver and Architecture of Appropriation.

27/01 – 25/06

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25


Tuesday — Wednesday
11.00 — 17.00

11.00 — 21.00

Friday — Sunday
11.00 — 17.00

Flying Toasters screensaver. Ontwerp Jack Eastman en Patrick Beard. Ontwikkelaar Berkeley Systems voor Apple Macintosh, 1989. Opnieuw gemaakt in CSS door Bryan Braun.

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