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Softalk for IBM Personal Computer, December 1983, p. 80
'Socha's toolbox: save your phosphor'
PC Mag, 7 Dec 1993, p. 59
'DOS user Need No Longer Covert After Dark for Windows'
Electric Word Magazine 10 Jan 1994
‘Another Poppin' Fresh Lawsuit’
PC Magazine, 14 May 1991, p. 48
'Windows Screen Blankers: Blanking your screen is only the beginning’
Computer Gaming World, Jan 1993, p.16
'The Misadventures of Johnny Castaway’
PC Magazine, 30 March 1993, pp. 450-451
'From Tribbles to Castaways: Screen Savers for all Tastes'
Computer Gaming World, June 1992, p.18
Compute!, Issue 157, October 1993, p.149
'Three Screensavers'
Compute!, Issue 071, April 1986, p.94
'Screen Saver 64',
Compute!, Issue 02, November 1987, p.45
'Screen Saver'
Compute! Issue 133, September 1991, p. 126
‘After Dark/ Intermission'
Amazing Computing, vol 1 Aug 1986, p.63
'Screen SaVer'
BBS Magazine, November 1995, vol 6, p. 8
'Offline' cartoon mimicking Johnny Castaway, John Baynham
ST Log Magazine Issue 35b, September 1989, p.18
'The Ultimate Screensaver'
Commodore World Issue 5, 1994/95, vol. 1, p. 35
'Simple but Effective Hardware: goCable II & Screensaver Deluxe'
Info World, 5 September 1994, p.95
'After Dark joins the rat race'
PC Mag May 1992, p.64
'Swans! Mirrors! More Fish!'
Cyber Law, J. Rosenoer 1997, pp.26-32
Appendix 1: Free Speech & Toasters
PC Magazine, December 1994, Vol 13 No. 22, p.150
"Flying Toasters" a motorola advertisement

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